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Top 5 Small Business Accounting Apps for iOS

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If you are like most of the other small business owners, it is most likely that you use a software package for processing the payments and for creating invoices. Also, you are most likely using desktop software for tracking your expenses and projects. Technology has advanced so much that everyone has a powerful computer in their pocket in the form of a smart phone. The question is if everything can be done on a computer in your pocket; why not use it for accounting?

Even though android has the bigger market share in the world of smartphones, everyone swears by the quality of apps present on the App Store. In other terms, there is a wide selection of accounting and finance apps that can be used on Apple devices.

It is true that you won’t be able to perform in-depth accounting functions without the help of a full-fledged desktop computer that comes with bigger screen, full keyboard and powerful software. However, mobile apps have a lot of advantages when it comes to basic expense tracking. Since you are always going to have your phone with you, it is easy to log into these apps and record your accounting entries from anywhere.

Another advantage of using mobile apps for basic expense tracking is that all of this information is stored online in the Apple cloud which means that you are able to view the latest information irrespective of the device you are using.

Easy Books

easy-booksOne of the more unique aspects of this accounting app is that it allows you to get access to various features in the app on an individual basis. Therefore, if you are interested in only the full-fledged expense report, you can simply pay to unlock that feature. In this manner, you never pay for the features that you don’t think are going to be used.

As far as the features in the free app are concerned, one can easily create quick estimates and also send invoices to the new customers. Another advantage of this app is that it offers syncing capability with the Easy Books software on your personal computer or any of the other iOS devices.


kashooIt is a very popular rap on the App Store. One of the biggest reasons of its popularity is that it has most of the required features that a small business owner needs in an accounting package. In this app, you can easily track various transactions; you can also easily create invoices as well as record payments.

The developers of this app have paid attention to the requirements of the market and allow you to share the financial data with others such as your accountant or business partner. It is also easy to track various bills and receipts by just clicking their photo. Another advantage of this app is that it keeps generating reports at various intervals to offer you insights into the health of your business.


ShoeboxedAs the name suggests, this app makes it very easy to keep your bills, various financial documents and receipts in an organized manner. You just need to click a photo of the various documents. Once the clicked photo has been uploaded to the cloud, the software at the server level extracts the payment type, total, date as well as vendor and many other details. In simple terms, it means that you have a searchable database for your use.

This helps a lot for filing taxes. It is a major time saver as it allows one to organize the documents in an easy manner.


mintEven though this app is often marketed as an app for personal finance, it has many useful features for small businesses and entrepreneurs for tracking their expenses and making changes to the budgets.

You can easily add various credit cards and bank counts to this app. The app downloads the transactions and categorizes those automatically. It offers easy to read graphs that show a quick overview of the expenses. Overall, it is an excellent app for organizing the finances.


fresh-bookIt is an alternative to QuickBooks that comes with a user-friendly interface and highly effective cloud services. In addition to the core functionality of recording and tracking the expenses and revenues of your small business, it also offers many additional functions such as ability to track the time spent on a project.

Similar to other accounting, it also helps a small business owner in filing taxes correctly. It comes with a completely free 30-day trial period and after the trial period users can avail all of the features at a starting price of just $19.95 a month.

Investors Scope – Etobicoke Real Estate

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Etobicoke is a suburb in Toronto West area in Ontario, Canada. This locality was first inhabited by the First Nations then the Europeans followed in the late 18th century. Etobicoke is centrally located with certain neighbouring like the Etobicoke creek to the West, the Humber River to the East and Lake Ontario to its South. Etobicoke’s population lies in the region of around 350, 000 people with a diverse race.


Etobicoke as a suburb has various investment opportunities involving the real estate. According to median house, Etobicoke was ranked among the most expensive areas in Canada taking the 488th spot. Its median house price was stated as 439.350 U.S dollars with housing stocks being stagnant hence the logic that they did not get affected by various supply constraints.

In settling for investment Etobicoke real estate, research is paramount to ensure good returns. One should consider certain real estate indicators. In the whole province of Ontario, Etobicoke boasts of 103 houses among the 170 available ones. These houses have an average number of bedrooms as preferred by many Canadians hence get adequate demand.

Investing in Etobicoke is not easy as A B C D since it requires a huge amount of capital outlay. With adequate financial power investing in Etobicoke will be smooth giving adequate returns on the same. Investing in the current period will be in order following the constant fall in house prices through the year 2014 hence cheap acquisition costs with speculation of a future increase.

Investing in condos in Etobicoke is adequate since a closer look at the population structure of Etobicoke shows that the middle working class occupies majority of the population hence a high possibility of getting tenants to rent out the houses or condos to or even buyers to purchase the houses or condos in the future at a high price. It is a great option when one has adequate capital. The future returns are dependable and the reputation of Etobicoke gives it a good backing to future incomes. Recent drop in the house prices also indicate a great number of sale of the houses or condos. This in turn indicates a future steady pricing of the houses.

As a conclusion, Etobicoke has a great sector to tap income and development in the real estate sector. All the above facts should act as a motivation towards the investment.